Marc Dorgeville

On 15 April, voters in Ottawa’s Rideau-Rockcliffe ward will choose their new councillor.

Marc Dorgeville wants to be your choice for changing together.

Why Marc?

  • Marc is a problem solver who brings his perspective as an engineer and former climate scientist to encourage innovative solutions at the City table.
  • Marc, now a community financial worker, knows the existing social support system and understands the challenges faced by diverse communities across the ward and city.
  • Marc lives in the ward with his bilingual family, cares deeply about being part of a vibrant and engaged community, and worries about inaction on climate change.

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What does Marc want to do?

  • As councillor, Marc will push the City of Ottawa to lead on climate change, to make transit accessible and affordable to everyone, and to tirelessly promote safe and active transportation.
  • Marc will press the City to have an ambitious plan for everyone to have a place to live that they can afford.
  • Marc will defend communities at City Hall by making every effort to fully engage the public in decisions and by opening up the planning process so residents know how and why decisions are made.

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