Candidate Profiles on Rogers tv

Rogers tv profiled each of the candidates in the Rideau-Rockcliffe by-election. Marc took the chance to explain his policy priorities.

Marc’s Transcript

People in Rideau-Rockcliffe and Ottawa should be able to get around more easily by walking, cycling or public transport.

People in Ottawa want more transparency at City Hall to understand why and how decisions are being made.

Everyone in Ottawa should have a place to live that they can afford.

My name is Marc Dorgeville and I am running because I want Ottawa to take smarter and faster actions on social and environmental issues.

  • I am a problem solver. I will bring my skills as an engineer and climate scientist to find innovative solutions for the City.
  • I am also a community financial worker. I know the existing social supports and I understand the challenges faced across our ward and our city.
  • With my family, I live in Rideau-Rockcliffe and we care deeply about being part of a vibrant and engaged community.

As councillor, I will

First, push the City of Ottawa to act on climate change, 

  • by giving teeth to the new Official Plan on climate action and adaptation
  • and by making transit reliable, accessible and affordable for everyone, starting by free bus fare for children under 12

Second, I will press the City to have an ambitious plan for affordable housing

  • by leveraging the city’s assets and using inclusionary zoning provision wherever possible to build more mixed income housing development.

Third, I will open up the planning process at City Hall and always engage you in decisions that impact your community

Finally, I will help your neighbourhoods to thrive:

  • by supporting local businesses, community organizations, cultural events, efficient snow removal, smarter parking and, of course, safe pedestrian and traffic design.

On April 15, I am asking you to vote for a brighter future for Rideau-Rockcliffe and Ottawa.

On April 15, vote Marc Dorgeville, so that we can all change together.